Pallet Rollers

Calamari 12.75

Cajun flour, pepper rings, garlic and lemon aioli

D.I.P. 12.75

Dig In Please - layered salsa, guacamole, sour cream & cheddar cheese with chopped lettuce, tomatoes & green onions, served with naan bread

POT STICKERS 8 for 12.25

Chicken & pork dumpling with sesame ponzu & chili oil

CLUCK’RS 4 for 12.75

Flash fried chicken strips with Jimbo sauce

CRISP “EH” Beef 11.25

Crispy beef tossed with sticky sweet ginger soy sauce and vegetable julienne


Beef gravy, mozzarella, baconbits, green onions


Baked fresh with beer cheese fondue

SHRIMP TACOS 2 for 11.50

Popcorn shrimp, pico de gallo, cilantro, lettuce, dill drizzle. Add a taco for 4.75

BIG ‘O’ RINGS 10.25

Thick cut crispy onion rings, chipotle maple drizzle

NACHOS 17.75

Tri color tortilla chips, seasoned ground beef, melted cheese blend, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, salsa & sour cream


With buffalo blue cheese dip

Petite 5 for 8.25 | Regular 10 for 14.75 | Large 15 for 20.75 | X-Large 20 for 27.75

BBQ Sauce, Honey Garlic, Chipotle Maple, Hot, Screaming, Cajun Dry Rub

Soup & Salads

All salads are made with Romaine hearts



Chef Salad 13.75

Carrot, tomato, cucumber, onion chips, bacon, turkey, brisket, shredded cheddar, soft boiled egg

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Small 7.25 | Large 11.25

Bell peppers, tomato, red onion, cucumber, kalamata olive, pepperoncini & feta cheese with grilled pita

Quesadilla Salad 15.75

Crisped tortilla bowl, cheddar, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, diced tomato, black beans, guacamole and garlic brushed cheese quesadilla with seasoned beef

Jim'Lius Caesar Salad Small 7.50 | Large 11.25

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and our creamy dressing< br/>Add grilled chicken breast $5.75
Add grilled salmon fillet 7.75

Burgers & FootLongs

Our burgers are double patties topped with house sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on a garlic toasted brioche bun. Served with wedges




Thick sliced cheddar. Add bacon for 1.50


Melted blue cheese, bbq sauce, caramelized onions


Char broiled patty, shaved beef brisket, thick cut cheddar, crispy onion rings

Jim's Double Double 17.25

Two actual burgers stacked with cheddar cheese, monterey jack, bacon, bbq sauce


Grilled veggie patty, fried goat cheese, red pepper jelly.

FootLong Old Skool 11.25

Ketchup, red relish, mustard, onion

Amigo Jim's Footlong15.25

Taco beef, wedge fries, pico de gallo, cheese saice, sour cream & green onion

Hand Treats but Big Eats

With wedges

The Morrison 15.75

Slow roasted shaved turkey breast with spinach, tomato, bacon, jack cheese,   honey mustard BBQ sauce on a toasted ciabatta bun

Backyard Chicken 15.75

Cast iron blackened chicken, blue cheese, roasted peppers, red onions, spinach & chipotle mayo pressed on a garlic toasted ciabatta bun

Po Boy Jim 15.75

Buffalo popcorn shrimp, lettuce, tomato, pickles & dill drizzle on a garlic toasted sub bun

Brisket Bro 15.25

Shaved brisket, wedge fries, swiss cheese, cabbage slaw, sliced tomato, pickle & house sauce stacked on a garlic toasted ciabatta bun

Gyro Wrap 11.25

Grilled gyro meat, onion, tomato, lettuce, feta and tzatziki, wrapped in a pita

Jim's Delight 11.75

Seasoned chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onion and Jimbo sauce

Slim Jim 13.75

Brisket, Swiss cheese, pickles & mayo pressed in a sub bun

From the Sea


The Big Fin 15.75

Beer-battered haddock, coleslaw, red relish tartar, wedges

Char Broiled Salmon 19.75

Mango chutney with vegetable & basmati rice

the Trio 17.75

Beer-battered haddock, popcorn shrimp & dusted perch with coleslaw, red relish tartar &am; garlic aioli and wedges

Jim Bowls


Spa Getty 16.75

Crispy parmesan spaghetti, tempura-fried meatballs, shaved reggiano parmesan, traditional marinara & garlic bread

Jimbalaya 18.75

Cajun cornbread & Louisiana style shrimp, chicken & andouille sausage with slow cooked tomato & bell pepper sauce served over basmati rice, with cajun cornbread

Chicken Alfredo 15.75

Fettuccine pasta, creamy alfredo, grilled chicken breast and garlic bread

Pepper Jack Shrimp 15.75

Bacon, bell peppers, cajun chilies, cream and Monterrey Jack cheese with fettuccine noodles

Ribs & Things

Wedges and Coleslaw

Slab of BBQ Back Ribs 1/2 Rack 15.75 | Full Rack 23.75

Slow-cooked and char-broiled

Chicken & Ribs 21.75

Grilled chicken breast with 1/2 rack of ribs

Cajun Shrimp & Ribs 21.75

BBQ Cajun shrimp with 1/2 rack of ribs

Jim's Own Pizza Pie


Big Jim's Classic

Brisket, potato wedges, green onion, mozzarella, pizza sauce, sour cream

BBQ Cluck Cluck Pizza

Grilled chicken, caramelized onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, BBQ sauce

Meat Lover's

Pepperoni, bacon, ham, sausage, mozzarella & pizza sauce


Ham, pineapple, mozzarella, pizza sauce

Hold The Meat Please

Bell pepper, onion, tomato, black olives, mozzarella, pizza sauce

AMSL Dessert

Marshmallow & graham crumbs with caramel drizzle & chocolate sauce



Cajun Corn Bread 2.25


Waffle Sweet Fries 5.75


Wedge Fries 4.50


Gravy 1.25


Little Jim's Menu

With choice of fruit cocktail or wedges

Chicken Fingers 7.75

With plum sauce

Spaghetti & meat ball 7.75

With marinara sauce

Chicken salad 7.75

Chopped romaine, tomato, cheddar, cucumber & fried chicken

Kids burger 7.75

With cheese & ketchup

Kids Veggie Burger 7.75

With lettuce & tomato

Popcorn Shrimp in a Basket 7.75



Ultimate Chocolate Brownie 7

Salted caramel, chocolate sauce, whipped ream, cherries

Filo Crusted Cheese Cake 7

Raspberry sauce and whipped cream

Big Jim's Finisher 7

Vanilla, chocolate & espresso flake ice cream layered with oreo crumb


Served Saturday and Sunday mornings

Slim Jim’s Breakfast 4.99

two eggs any style, choice of two strips of bacon or sausage, toast

Big Jim’s Breakfast 9.99

two eggs any style, roasted potatoes & onions, choice of bacon or sausage, toast and mixed greens with balsamic dressing, fruit garnish

Heart Smart 8.99

granola & yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and strawberries

Belgian Waffle 10.99

homemade custard, fresh strawberries and whipped cream or fresh sliced bananas and caramel sauce with whipped cream

French Toast 10.99

dipped in cinnamon egg wash and grilled to golden brown & topped with caramelized apple. choice of bacon or sausage. served with roasted potatoes & onions. fresh fruit wedges

Western Omelette 9.99

two eggs with sautéed ham, green peppers and onion, roasted potatoes, toast and mixed greens with balsamic dressing. fresh fruit garnish and toast

Bacon & Cheddar Omelette 9.99

two eggs with sautéd bacon, cheddar cheese, roasted potatoes, toast and mixed greens with balsamic dressing, fresh fruit garnish and toast

Eggs Benedict 10.99

two poached eggs, grilled peameal bacon on a toasted english muffin topped with hollandaise, with oven-roasted potatoes & onions, fruit garnish

Breakfast Monte Cristo 10.99

french-dipped texas toast, swiss cheese, shaved brisket, over-easy eggs, maple syrup, roasted potatoes & onions, fresh fruit garnish